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Colleen M. Cullitan
James M. Straub
Thomas F. Waggoner

How do I select and prepare to meet with a real estate lawyer?

Whether you are purchasing your first home or investing in commercial property, selecting the right lawyer is crucial to the success of your venture. The first step in finding a lawyer who is right for you is to check their rating with services such as Martindale-Hubble. You should only consider lawyers who are members of a firm with the highest possible rating ("AV").  A firm's website is often a good source for additional information on the lawyer's background, training and experience. Be sure to select a real estate lawyer with training and experience in the areas of interest to you.
During your initial phone conference you will likely be told exactly what documents to bring to your first meeting. If not, be sure to ask so that you do not waste time and money on unnecessary additional appointments. When selling residential property these documents typically include your deed, title insurance policy, and listing agreement. When purchasing property you should have a copy of the Buy/Sell agreement, survey, and inspection reports. Remember, when in doubt, ask questions. Good communication is the key to a smooth trouble free transaction.